Alysha “Aly” Legge named VFAF Florida state chapter operations director and national ambassador


Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump names Alysha Legge national ambassador and Florida operations director said Stan Fitzgerald President

Aly Legge brings an already established network and proven track record to our operations in southern Florida. VFAF is honored to have her join our team at both the national and state level.”— Stan Fitzgerald VFAF Veterans for Trump grassroots President

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, December 12, 2023 / — From L-Strategies the official press of Veterans for Trump grassroots national:

Alysha “Aly” Legge joins VFAF taking on the role of national ambassador and Florida state chapter operations director.

The national veterans organization is rapidly growing opening numerous state chapters to better organize boots on the ground for grassroots support of the Trump campaign and America First candidates. Assigning state operations directors was the concept of South Carolina’s Chad Caton who is the VFAF Veterans for Trump national operations director.

Aly Legge is a formidable force, defined by her unwavering commitment to freedom, civic activism, and a staunch dedication to America First principles. As an Army veteran, she brings a disciplined and principled approach to her endeavors, instilled through her service to the nation. Aly’s passion for safeguarding liberty and empowering citizens led her to establish Moms for Freedom, an organization that stands as a bulwark against governmental overreach. Now, in her role as the Director for School District Engagement at Mom’s for America, Aly collaborates with diverse individuals and freedom-focused organizations, weaving a network aimed at influencing legislation and championing America First policies.

Aly is not just a leader; she is a mentor who imparts crucial knowledge to citizens, teaching them how to forge robust relationships with elected officials. Her emphasis on self-advocacy is a cornerstone of her mission, empowering individuals to stand resolutely against the sway of special interests and unelected bureaucrats. Through her tireless efforts, Aly Legge not only fights for the preservation of core American values but also equips others with the tools needed to join the battle. In an era marked by shifting political landscapes, Aly remains an indomitable advocate for freedom, a true patriot shaping the course of her nation’s future.



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